AlexPen Classic Rollerball - Rosewood

AlexPen Classic Rollerball - Rosewood

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In rosewood, the AlexPen Classic is eyecatching, beautiful, and sophisticated.


The shaft is crafted from a single solid piece of rosewood whilst the cap, tip and endpiece are made from polished brass.  


Due to the brass tip and endpiece, this pen is perfectly weighted.  And with the rollerball refill, this means that the AlexPen Classic is effortless to write with.  The ink is suspended in water, meaning that your writing will be sharp and vibrant.


As well as offering a great writing experience, the AlexPen Classic is the environmentally friendly choice.  Stop wasting plastic by using disposable pens, and save yourself some money at the same time!


Every AlexPen comes with a velvet storage bag and a spare rollerball refill.  Refills are parker style and are available online.  They will also soon be available to purchase directly from us.

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